Q: Which course package should I purchase?

A: The Standard Course is for someone who is new to Natural Family Planning or who is learning the method after having a baby and needs coaching through the transition into cycles. This package is also for anyone who is learning the method who would like one-on-one coaching support through the learning process.

The Basic Course is a good choice for someone who is in regular cycles using another method of NFP and is looking to switch to Marquette Method of NFP.

Q: When is your next scheduled class?

The course is a video on demand course that can be viewed at whatever time is best for you. You can pause the video’s as well as view them as much as you would like while you are a member of this program.

Q: Which monitor do you recommend, the older style or the newer touch screen model?

A: Both monitors work just fine with the method.  I have used both and for long term use, my preference is the newer touch screen one. It is a lot more intuitive to use than the older one and you can see past data on the screen.  The touch screen model will require you to skip one day of testing every 10 days if you are in cycle 0 post partum.  Since post partum is a temporary situation and the older model has not been manufactured in several years- I recommend the newer monitor for everyone if you are going to buy one. 

Q: Do I need to purchase supplies before the first class?

A: You can certainly attend the class without purchasing anything beforehand, however if you are sure you want to do hormone testing with the method, you can go ahead and purchase the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor, Test strips and Wondfo LH strips.  You can get the monitor set up according to the instructions when your next cycle begins. 

Q: Can I use this method Post Partum prior to my cycles returning?

A: Yes! There is a post partum protocol that you can use that is easy to follow using the ClearBlue Easy fertility monitor during this time of Lactational Amenorrhea.  

Q: What is your response time if I have questions? 

A: I am usually able to respond within 4-8 hours especially if the questions are simple. For more complex questions I may need to review a chart and take a little more time to respond requiring a 24 hour turn around. Please do send a chart with questions to help with quicker replies and phone consultations are welcome. On weekends and holidays my responses may be delayed slightly.

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