Healthy things I recommend:

Because NFP leads you down the rabbit hole of all things healthy, here are a few recommendations and resources I mention in my classes or suggest to help reduce exposure to toxins -
or are just overall healthy choices to consider.



The Sckooncup reusable menstrual cup is a healthy, safe and conscious alternative to disposable pads and tampons. Sckooncup is a bell-shaped reusable 100% USA Medical Grade FDA Approved silicone and FDA Cleared menstrual cup that collects your menstrual blood. Inserted like a tampon, Sckooncup sits comfortably in your vagina and can be safely worn for up to 12 consecutive hours

Pampered Shop Pads

Pampered Shop Pads

Pampered Shop reusable pads

Cloth pads from Pampered Shop Pads. Looking for some non-toxic pads? I’m not a cloth pad user as I’m sold on the cup, but from those who use cloth pads, this is one of my friends’ favorite brands. This sweet shop on Etsy has handmade products you can purchase. All pads are topped with stain resistant minky, have bamboo cores in moderate and heavy pads, and backed with WindPro fleece.


Cloth Pads

Party In My Pants will change the way you think and feel about your period. Forget trashy disposables and say hello to soft, gorgeous cloth pads. For the first time you'll actually look forward to that time of the month and when it comes you'll be more comfortable than ever before.