For those couples who are NEW to The Marquette Method:

Membership (6 months):
$200 USD / per couple

Complete on-demand video course and all documents and protocols, plus 6 months of Private Coaching via email or phone consultations as well as access to the on-demand course. Coaching extension options available upon request.

  • Additional benefits for Pregnant, Post-Partum or Engaged couples

    • Pregnant or Post-Partum:  Coaching support will be extended through the first 3 cycles post-partum. 

    • Getting Married: Coaching support will be extended an additional 3 months after your wedding.

Membership (1 month):
$125 USD / per couple

Includes immediate access for 1 month to the complete on-demand video course and all documents and protocols needed to get started. This includes one phone consultation and email access. Additional phone consultations are available for $50 per consult. 

For  those couples who have had PREVIOUS training using The Marquette Method:

The following consultations are available for those who have used the method previously either self-taught by the official Marquette Method website or by a certified Marquette Method instructor.

  • $50 - one (1) 60-minute phone consultation - no additional coaching

  • Previous client coaching packages and discounts available upon request.

What to Expect

Classes are taught completely online so you can view the presentations and charting materials, and will be divided into two sessions with an additional (3rd) session for breastfeeding women:

  • The First Session (Duration: 60 minutes)
    Learn the The Marquette Method (Basics) and everything you need to know to get started. We'll cover how your body works in cycles, how you are fertile as a couple, and how to observe signs of fertility using mucus and hormone monitoring. This session also introduces how to chart these signs and use them to avoid or achieve pregnancy. 

  • The Second Session (Duration: 30 minutes) 
    This session provides instruction for special circumstances that arise while using NFP--drawing upon the basic information provided in the first session. We'll cover how special fluids, stress cycles, coming off of hormonal birth control, and peri-menopause can influence your cycles and charting. Lastly we will review the rules to the method and discuss the gift of fertility.

  • Breastfeeding and NFP (Duration: 30 minutes)

    This session provides in depth instruction on how to apply this method to the post partum return of fertility after a woman has a baby and is breastfeeding.