Recommended Products

All of these items are also flexible spending approved items if you have a FSA or HSA account.

ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor-3.jpg

Clearblue Easy fertility monitor

This monitor can be found online on,, or other drugstore suppliers.  It typically runs about $110 for the touch screen monitor. You will also need to purchase the test strips that work with the monitor found at the same stores online. 


Test Sticks for the Clearblue Easy Monitor

These are the test sticks you will need to work with the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor.  They work with both the old style and newer touch screen model.  They can be purchased at the same places as the monitor and even as a subscribe and save option on Amazon. 


Wondfo LH Sticks

These LH tests are supplemental tests to the monitor used for many situations, often when circumstances are more complicated such as post partum,  perimenopause, or when just getting started while the monitor is getting used to your body.  These sticks come in packs of 50 for about $16 and are very simple to use. 


Proov:Progesterone Tests

Progesterone tests are a new addition to at-home hormone testing.  While this is not a necessary item, some people like this added confirmation that ovulation has passed.  You can detect the rising progesterone after ovulation with this simple test.  They are not inexpensive tests, but you do not need to use more than 1-2 tests per cycle.